The Wild  (feral) is a popular mythological figure in the Italian alpine areas. First inhabitant of the Alps is shepherd, farmer, beekeeper, an expert in the art of cheese and deep knowledge of the secrets of nature. 
A benevolent character  he teaches his mountain survival skills to man kind, but ends up being the victim of their jokesand decides to disappear forever. 
The Wild represents freedom, the return to nature and rejection of social conventions that harness the spirit of  the archaic man, is the link between nature and culture. The design is a re-elaborated of the etched engraving by Giovannino De Grassi taken from famous notebook (XIV c.).

Handprinted with organic colors by Medulla 

100 Copies numbered and signed by the artist / 35x50cm 

Color / Mix of rubia, indigo dye and extract of chlorophyll 
Paper / Arctic Paper


€ 40,00Price