Antropico is a modular silkscreen work consisting of five prints, each different from the others, made from 2020 to 2021.

The conception and creation of the work was a fine balancing act. The elements of each print are the same, but modulated, and represent the components of the universe: the arcs stand for the four kingdoms (mineral, vegetable, animal, and human), while the centre stands for the nature of man, in which the colours represent the body while the forms represent the spirit and soul.

The work was screenprinted using natural pigments: green made from extract of chlorophyl, yellow from turmeric, light blue from woad, cream and red from two types of Armenian earth (the latter with mixed with madder), while the black was made from a mixture of indigo, extract of chlorophyl, madder and graphite.

The lines were made with 22 carat gold foil.


Size 70 x 100

Paper / Favini Crush 350 g/m2

Antropico #2

€ 250,00Price